Dr Kleinau, Private Practice for Paediatric and Adolescent Medicine

About me

Dr. med Irene Kleinau

Welcome to my private practice for paediatric and adolescent medicine in Berlin-Pankow! As a doctor, I see it as a fundamental part of my work to support you, dear parents, in developing your “gut feeling” — to understand and assess how your children are doing. I would like to accompany you on your journey through parenthood as your trusted family doctor — when dealing with acute or chronic illnesses as well as during difficult developmental phases. It is essential to me that I always have plenty of time to thoroughly examine your child and discuss things with you in detail.
Holistic, individualised treatment and vaccination choices that meet the most modern standards are especially important to me.
I was born in Pankow, have two sons (born 2000/2002) and opened my practice in April 2011, initially as a practice for those with public health insurance.

I am now thrilled to have the opportunity to treat children and adolescents in my private practice / private office hours (only for those with private insurance or who are paying for the visit themselves).


Here, you can see an overview of the different examinations and treatments that I offer for paediatric and adolescent patients in my practice.

  • Health screenings::
    Mandatory screenings U2–U11, J1, J2; yearly screenings may be available for children aged 6 and up, depending on the insurance coverage.
    Osteopathic diagnosis / osteopathic preventative treatment.
  • Vaccinations
    According to the STIKO (German Standing Committee on Vaccination) recommendations; personalised consultation and vaccination schedule. Parents can also be vaccinated if desired.
  • Examinations/treatments
    Diagnosis/treatment of acute and chronic illnesses in children and adolescents between the ages of 0–18 years.
  • Main focus:
    Diseases of the lungs: asthma/DMP asthma, asthma training, allergic disorders: allergic rhinitis, specific immunotherapy/desensitisation, infectious diseases/immunology, skin disorders: eczema, etc., diseases of the musculoskeletal system, behavioural disorders, psychosomatic illnesses.
  • Laboratory:
    Many tests and analyses can be carried out immediately in the practice; access to a central laboratory
  • Lung function test / pulse oximetry / allergy diagnosis from infancy on (blood and skin tests) / developmental diagnosis / hearing and vision tests
  • Emergency care / inhalation therapy
  • Sports medical examinations
  • Travel medicine consultations / travel vaccinations for the whole family
  • Examinations before beginning Kita / Hort (daycare or after-school programmes)
  • Re-issue of vaccination records
  • Examination to determine fitness to travel / for holiday camp
  • Expert opinions (Gutachten) / certificates (Bescheinigungen)

To get an initial impression of my consultations, please have a look at the following photos.


You can book appointments either immediately or in advance.

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